Rebecca Branton

Rebecca trained at The Academy Drama School in London and her TV and film work besides Hooked on a Ceiling includes: two short films for Rainy Days Pictures (Maiden Prayer and Rear Garden); an episode of Channel 4's comedy series FM; several short films including Lifter for Zealous Films and has also worked on training videos for various corporate companies. Her theatre work includes Olivia in Twelfth Night, Brooke in Popcorn, Mistress Gallipot in The Roaring Girl, Paula in Mrs Klein and Lady Macbeth. Rebecca had previously had the pleasure of working opposite Sarah Stanley in The Importance of Being Earnest so was delighted to be teamed up with her again for this film.

David says: Like Sarah, I had always had Miss Beccy B. in mind for the part of Emily. Miss B. and I go way back, so it was a pleasure to write a part for her. Besides, she needed the work.

Harry Spence Emily
Suzannah James Dylan