Sarah Stanley

Besides Hooked on a Ceiling, Sarah Stanley's TV and film credits include playing Jane Seymour in a BBC/True North series about Henry VIII, Jane Ellis in Emmerdale and Acting Up. Since her training at Birmingham University and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Sarah has played numerous roles in threatre including The Importance of Being Earnest, Hay Fever, Sweeney Todd, A Christmas Carol, MacBeth and Twelfth Night to name but a few. As she insists, Hooked on a Ceiling was a truly fabulous experience, in fact, 'one of the best ever', so she says. It's true.

David says: I spotted Sarah in a few City of Oxford Theatre Guild productions in the 1990s and immediately made a mental note of her. Like Beccy B., the part of Suzannah was written for Sarah, but it was a few years later before I actually met her in a pub in Covent Garden to pitch her the idea of the film over a pint. Fortunately, she bit and the result is now there for all to see.

Harry Spence Emily
Suzannah James Dylan